In 2009, China had long been the default choice for offshore manufacturing, at least for the past two decades, when “Made in China” labels graced practically everything. But that was starting to change.

Some global fashion brands' latest move to shift their manufacturing bases from China to Southeast Asia and developing countries close to Italy is a natural result of the changing landscape in the sector.

Some Italian brands had moved production lines to Turkey and Tunisia, China was no longer a cheap-in-everything paradise.

About 60 per cent of China's exports were made by foreign-owned or foreign-invested companies.

Countless workers had lost their jobs…

The famous brand companies moved their factories out of China, left the experienced skilled workers unemployed, and the used machines there. So why don't we use the resources to build our own brand ? That can at least make those worker back to work… That was the reason, Leathario brand generated...

Leathario, is young, not famous brand, But that's the same quality, since it was made by the same workers, with the same genuine leather.

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